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Drupal – a fantastic tool for educational games

Drupal has long been recognised as a leading Content Management System (CMS) for website design, because of its ease of implementation and subsequent amendment.  One of the many open source modules to be found on the main drupal.org site is a custom Quiz module with a wide variety of potential uses, including open learning, additional school applications or a fun community theme.  The premise is quite simple – there is one question per page, with the answers being stored on a database.  The answers can be in many different formats, including multiple choice, true/false or drag and drop and can include text, pictures or a combination of both.

Whilst the Drupal Quiz module is ideal for a fairly simple application, it is probably best to combine it with Flash animation functionality or one of the many downloadable games for something more complex.  Visit http://www.gamesmad.net/ for one of several examples of how Drupal can be used effectively in designing a more sophisticated games website. 

Board games still remain a popular activity for many families, though there can be problems if essential pieces get lost or so worn that they can no longer be used.  This is where using a Drupal CMS for an online game is a real advantage.  Not only are the pieces impossible to lose, the ease of modification means that an educational game, for instance, can be upgraded as children get older or progress to a higher level.  With such a set up, you no longer have to buy several different games to suit your children’s particular age ranges, a single online game will do the job for you.  More information can be found at http://www.knowledgegames.net/knowledge-games which has a Drupal CMS.

Flexibility and versatility have always been key factors in Drupal’s popularity and this is particularly applicable to developing fun, interesting and educational online games.  Flash animation can be used to show the effects of chemical reactions, stages of growth in plants, or development in animals and humans.  The same is true of using different materials for buildings or designing exotic vehicles.