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How to choose the best content management system

Where to start with designing a website?

Internet marketing is a vital part of building and expanding modern businesses, but knowing just how to go about it can be tricky.  There are a number of programmes that can be downloaded to enable you to develop a fairly simple website yourself, which is handy, and inexpensive - at least initially. 

The problems can start, however, when your business grows, or you decide to change the website.  This is why many companies decide to seek expert help from a company such as 1websitedesigner who have wide experience of working with clients - large and small - to design a website that not only looks interesting and attractive, but provides the precise functionality wanted by their clients.

 The many glowing tributes from satisfied customers are indicative of the care taken in identifying exactly what the customer wants, then working closely with their specialist team to provide it.  One of the key features is the use of Drupal web design as the content management system (CMS).

1websitedesigner researched several CMS’s before opting for Drupal, which they selected for a variety of reasons.  A critical consideration was that the company’s ethos is to hand over the management of the website to the client, once completed and tested for functionality.  They found that Drupal web design is extremely user-friendly and nothing more than a short training session was necessary for the client to take on the ongoing maintenance, including any changes.

When designing and developing the site, 1website designer installs all the necessary modules to facilitate future modifications.  They also provide an online Drupal tutorial and a “demo” site (featured on a later page) to ensure their customers are comfortable with the process.